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Counsel can be a conduit of divine wisdom, and strength

Last week we looked at the fact that many people are reluctant to seek counselling because of the stigma attached to it. We helped you dispel some of the myths. This week we will dispel more myths and show what the scriptures say about seeking counsel and how among believers, counsel can be a conduit of divine wisdom, and strength.


By Rebecca Halton
In fact, Scripture even speaks of seeking good counsel as an act of wisdom. Human counsel certainly shouldn’t become a crutch or replacement for cultivating our own discernment – even when that human also has the Holy Spirit indwelling her/him. But especially among believers, counsel can be a conduit of divine wisdom, and strength.


Now, I’ve known people who “don’t believe in” counseling; people who think the Holy Spirit should be enough. Please understand that I am not questioning the sufficiency of the Holy Spirit, I’m just not omitting the possibilities of how the Holy Spirit can work within the body of Christ. Even Christ said in Matthew 18:20 that, where two or more are gathered in His name, there He is, too.


Let’s pretend for a second it is a sign of spiritual maturity that you don’t ever need professional counseling: we still all seek or receive counseling. We share with friends, family, pastors, co-workers, small groups and more. We share with people who may or may not be the best confidants and advisors. We were, after all, created for fellowship.


So will just anyone who calls him- or herself a Christian, and has a few letters after their name suffice? Not so fast. It’s been my experience, and my gleaning from others’ experiences, that there is more to choosing a counselor than the title and affordability. Remember the lawyer analogy? Well, just as some lawyers are more professional or more skilled than others, so it goes with counselors.


This is one of the primary reasons it’s essential to choose the right counselor. One who will give sound counsel based on a balanced view of Scripture; who will pray with you, point you back to the Word of God – who will even encourage you to test their advice in the spirit (1 John 4:1). One who encourages reliance on the Lord, not dependence on him or her.


Olga’s comments – We hope you can now find comfort in “seeking counsel” and no longer see the stigma attached to it. We are standing by to encourage reliance on the Lord.


Until then, stay blessed
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