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We are on the move, our new address! Don’t miss us on SABC 2 this Sunday 4th on Lifestyle 24/7 at 10:30 a.m.

This month we will discuss how fortuitous we are as The Sanctuary will be moving on the 26th of August and operating from our new premises on the 1st of September.


The space has been graciously offered to us by one our counsellors, Lindie Coetsee. We are excited as this will be in a big house that is partly used by her husband for business and the rest of the house has recently been set up for counselling! Initially, Lindie was going to set up her own counselling business, but felt led by the Lord to bless the Sanctuary with this wonderful space! Our new address is 30 Concourse Crescent, Lonehill.


Also, don’t miss us on SABC 2 this Sunday 4th on Lifestyle 24/7 at 10:30 a.m.



For me the greatest change I had to face was moving to another country at the age of forty-nine. For two years before that God had been speaking to me about moving to South Africa and had given me the verses that were given to Abraham (leave your country and family and go to the land I am showing you). Even though things were really tough in Zimbabwe God had been looking after us. We had our family, friends, church and community there. I knew that God had to do something dramatic to get us to move and I wanted to be obedient. Vince, my husband, was not one hundred percent sure that this was from God. Because of the shortages in Zimbabwe I would travel with Vince when he came down on business to South Africa. Looking back, I can see that it was God’s way of preparing us.


We came for a Lionel Ritchie concert in November 2008 and within 5 days of being here; God had confirmed His call to move here. We suddenly had an unbelievable job offer, a townhouse to rent and a college for our son. We moved in January 2009. I knew that we were not simply moving for economic or political reasons, but that God had a purpose in mind for us here.

It was exciting in the beginning, but we had left our newly married and pregnant daughter behind and loved family. Moving when you are younger seems somehow much easier!! Living in a new home in a new country with a whole new culture and lifestyle was challenging to say the least. I remember having to drive on the highway for the first time. I clutched that steering wheel tightly chanting” I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength!”

We had to find a church that we felt God was calling us to and we wanted to add value to that church. We felt a little lost initially. We started making friends, but felt people had a history together and we were the new kids on the block! From being used by God at Harare Christian Counselling Centre as a teacher, counsellor and speaker I was at home waiting for God’s direction.


I received a prophecy in 2009.

“God is calling you to establish something in a country that is not your own. It is a small seed. It may be something small but it is some big thing that is latent and dormant. It is a vision waiting to be birthed.”

That was confirmed though a dream and another prophecy.

The Sanctuary Christian Counselling Centre has now been established and God has shown himself to be faithful.


How did the change impact me? I had to go through a time of grieving losses. Grief does not only occur when someone dies, but when you experience losses of any form. I couldn’t be the “hands on nana” I had always dreamt about. I couldn’t be there for my parents as they grew old and sickly. God kept asking me “do you love your family more than me?” The biggest thing that God showed me was my loss of identity and what I was still relying on for it.


What did I do? I clung to God in a way I had never before. He was father, mother, friend and family to me. I grew to love God in ways I never ever thought possible as He revealed more and more of Himself to me. I have learnt that we are foreigners and aliens on this earth looking forward to a better and eternal home. As long as God is with me, I can make my home anywhere He calls me to. I am simply a beloved child of God, loved by Him in a way no one else has or ever will. After living here now for 8 years I have grown to love South Africa and its people. Foreigners are accused of wanting to take from the City of Gold but God has given me a heart and desire to give to this country so that it may prosper.  


My daughter and her family will be moving to South Africa soon to live and God has granted me the desires of my heart as I have heeded His call on my life. As we surrender those things, places and people that we love the most to Him, He gives us so much more, exceedingly and abundantly!!


For more information on the Sanctuary, contact myself or Mabyn.

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Kind regards,
The Sanctuary

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