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The Sanctuary Is Finding More Ways To Share With You

You may have heard of or interacted with Sanctuary Christian Counselling Centre, also known as “The Sanctuary”. We have come a long way and are always looking for ways to share, encourage and help those we come in contact with. In line with that we are now using a wider selection of social media platform to do exactly that. I hope the words, clips and snippets we share are that little extra to see you through, make your day or encourage you when you need it. In this first letter, I thought I’d share a little history on the Organisation.
Sanctuary Christian Counselling Centre known as “The Sanctuary” was birthed out of a vision laid upon Olga Frederick’s heart.  
“God is calling you to establish something in a country that is not your own. It is a small seed. It may be something small but it is some big thing that is latent and dormant. It is a vision waiting to be birthed.”
The Sanctuary was registered as a non-profit organization with the Department of Social Development in 2010. It is run by a Board of Trustees from 5 different churches at present. The group is comprised of Chairman Liz East (Urban Life Church), Suzanne McKay (ST. Martins In The Veld) Fiona Nyahunda (Rosebank  Union) Vincent Fredericks, Olga Fredericks (City Hill) and Ian Wilsher (Director at Harare Christian Counselling Centre). We are not attached to any specific church.
Our goal is to equip the compassionate and set the captives free (Isaiah 61:1-4 and Jeremiah 2:13).
To set up an interdenominational counselling Centre in Gauteng.  The Centre will be a place of healing, discipleship and transformation through the power of God’s touch on peoples’ lives.
To offer basic counselling services that are high quality, professional, donation based interdenominational, partner driven and volunteer- intensive to members of our local community
To offer high quality, professional training and counselling facilities to the local churches and the community.
To help people depend on Christ and show people that the answer to their problems lies in Christ and in His transforming power.
To provide an opportunity for people to be introduced to Christ.
Sanctuary is part of Global Mandate Global Care Centres (see This is run by Dr Leon Klein. We are also affiliated to the Harare Christian Counselling Centre in Zimbabwe (
In the upcoming mailers we will share a wide array of useful and helpful information. We look forward to the journey; we hope you do too.
Kind regards
Olga Fredericks

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